Significant Investor Visa (SIV) stats to 31 August 2017

The  number of Applications granted under the SIV2 program now stands at 229 vs 1,639 under SIV1. Recent interest in NSW has increased, and there is growing awareness from countries such as South Africa and Vietnam.

NSW Trade roadshow to Vietnam

In the last 2 months to 31 August 2017, of the 60 applications lodged, 26 were for NSW, 24 for Victoria and 8 for Queensland. Whilst the amount from Vietnam is still a very small 1 percent, this has started to increase presumably, presumably as a result of this years NSW Trade roadshow across China, Hong Kong and for the first time Vietnam.

Applicants for top
five source countries
Percentage of total
visa applications
Grants for top
five source countries
Percentage of total
visas granted
China 89.1 China 87.5
Hong Kong 3.2 Hong Kong 3.1
Malaysia 1.1 Malaysia 1.5
South Africa 0.8 South Africa 1.2
Macao 0.8 Vietnam 1.0
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