Stacey, do you know any Chinese investors who would be interested in my business?

There is a huge amount of wealth in China looking for diversification opportunities. Meanwhile, many businesses in Australia are seeking expansion capital to meet the demand for Australian products, particularly in the food and agricultural sector.

But how do these businesses meet suitable investors they want to work with, particularly those that can provide access to new markets and distribution?

I recently interviewed Adam Goern, Founder of the business matching website on the SME Aus-China Business Channel.

You can listen to the interview in the second half of Episode Three here.

The concept arose from a friend who was looking to expand his premium butcher shop, and has today attracted many others in the food sector including dairy, beef and nuts.

The platform enables investors in China to connect with projects in Australia on a no-names basis through was is affectionately referred to as a “dating” website. By viewing the business stories, potential investors can start a conversation like other social media sites and follow-up any matches of interest.

The sister site was used to showcase projects from Australian Financial Services delegates during the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong in January 2017. One potential Chinese investor during the AFF Deal Flow even forwarded the Chinese version of one of the opportunities on to their friends via WeChat!

The next Farms and Finance event will be held in Sydney on Thursday 13th July 2017 at Barangaroo where you can hear from a range of experts, and connect with other potential investors, project owners and advisors. For details and to book go to the link here.