Kerrie Phipps - Aus Asia Business Program

Leading the way to better connection | Kerrie Phipps, leadership coach and author, joins the Aus-Asia Business Program

Now a worldwide conference speaker, published author and leadership coach, it’s hard to imagine Kerrie Phipps being shy as a child.

But she says her charisma and confidence weren’t always radiant. A country girl, Kerrie’s parents were renowned “connectors”, and would push her forward into meeting new people despite her reserved nature.

A job as a dental nurse, where she was often a patient’s lone source of comfort in their most vulnerable moments, reinforced the value of human connection to Kerrie. She soon decided to utilise her people skills as a leadership coach.

Across her accomplished career, Kerrie has found networking opportunities in even the most inane places. She recalls initiating many business and personal relationships with complete strangers on planes and trains. These experiences were the inspiration for her book Do Talk to Strangers.

During her chat with Stacey Martin on the Aus-Asia Business Program, Kerrie detailed her “A.S.K.I.N.G” model for better connecting, how to be a better active listener, and why we should all give more compliments.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to shift the focus from yourself to others in business situations;
  • Kerrie’s process for dealing with nerves;
  • Why a natural curiosity is one of the best traits you can have;
  • The business benefits of being yourself;
  • How to uncover your natural confidence;
  • Why we should all show more daily gratitude; and
  • Kerrie’s top 3 tips for SMEs

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