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Winning strategies from Alec Blacklaw – director, business improvement specialist and tactical expert | Aus-Asia Business Program

Alec Blacklaw has seen all corners of business.

From starting his career as an accountant with corporate giant Coca-Cola Amatil to founding his own prosperous Accounting and Business Advisory business, Blacklaw has accumulated a mountain of experience.

The business improvement specialist and keynote speaker, whose initial core training was Economics, Accounting and Tax, has given his expertise to many positions over time. His CV includes running a hotel that housed a bar and restaurant, as well as founding many successful business ventures amongst a variety of other strategic partnerships.

Blacklaw is a member of the MSI Global Alliance, a worldwide association of over 250 independent legal and accounting firms in more than 100 countries. He became the Area Representative for the Asia-Pacific in 2011 and is the Chairman for Australia and New Zealand.

His many years of formulating business strategies for himself and others, coupled with a burning passion for helping people succeed, saw the launch of Blacklaw Advisory. Put simply, Blacklaw’s goal at the helm of the advisory is to make his clients’ businesses become more profitable, valuable and enjoyable. He has worked with businesses through all stages of their development, including startups and franchise chains helping them with their challenges and opportunities as they grow towards being a larger business.

Alec is the founder and creator of The Business Improvement Program the leading 2 day program for business owners who want to run an extraordinary business. The BIP has been run throughout Australia and the UK to help business owners in a variety of businesses realise their potential and develop more options for all stakeholders.

During this episode on the Aus-Asia Business Program, Blacklaw offered pearls of wisdom from his treasure chest of knowledge, including how he used LinkedIn to find like-minded staff halfway across the world, his 9 key strategies for success and how he presents clients with opportunities rather than overselling to them.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s the one percenters that will expand your business;
  • The need to have people with aligned beliefs around you;
  • How to use networking sites like LinkedIn to source like-minded staff;
  • Why you shouldn’t be too “salesy”;
  • How to keep potential clients online for a little bit longer, and how this translates to business;
  • How to understand your “why”;
  • The importance of knowing the critical factors for your success;
  • Why the simple approach always works best; and
  • Blacklaw’s 9 key business strategies for success.

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