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Want to make your SME irresistible to Chinese investors?

More than ever before, Chinese investors are looking to form strong strategic partnerships with SME Australian businesses. Sought after business includes those in the food, agriculture, health and aged care industries. But how do you find these opportunities?

Stella Li, Founder of Silk Road Consulting, is your connection to the Asia market. Before moving to Australia in 2009, Stella helped to set up a business in China, from the start right through to exit strategies. This business now boasts a $2M US profit and has over 80 employees. This formed her entrepreneurial spirit and love for business creation.

Fuelled by her passion for business, and the love of her home country, Stella now works with China investors and Australian SMEs on joint ventures and strategic partnerships. With so many high net worth individuals seeking investment opportunities in Australia, she works with both parties to facilitate strong business partnerships.

In this podcast, Stella explains:

  • The services she provides: being a trusted advisor, helping the Chinese invest in Australia as part of family successions or international investment, and planning events for high net worth individuals
  • The role she played in a huge project in regional Australia, helping the company to create a strategy to entice the Chinese investors
  • What the Chinese are looking for regarding a value-added chain – looking beyond the product itself to the whole process of getting your product to the Chinese market
  • How the Chinese market makes it easier for Australian SMEs by already having distribution channels in place
  • The 3 biggest things Chinese investors are looking for in Australia
  • How your SME can become investor ready
  • Why you need to forge friendships to strengthen Chinese deals
  • And her top tips for creating long-lasting partnerships

If you’re an Australian SME who’s interested finding out more about forming a strategic partnership with Chinese Investors, now’s your time.

Three Tips

  1. Always add value to people around you
  2. Do it now, and gain it later
  3. Trust is the key to success

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